Dr. A.F.K. Yazdi
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Dr. A. F. K. Yazdi

With over four decades of design, development, and management of challenging aviation projects, Dr. A. F. Khaleghi Yazdi is one of only three International Aviation experts who continue to accept missions on demanding International Aviation, Humanitarian, and Logistic projects from governments and their contractors.
Dr. Yazdi is the founder of World Aviation (1959), and the first European Aviation Institution with a flying school, air taxi, charter service, maintenance, and an aviation shop in 1960. He was president of Hawa Air International Airlines until 1987. He has been a consultant to governments and International organizations, airports and airlines. As both a private consultant and government representative, he has successfully accomplished many demanding missions and agreements in aerospace, international economic development, and aviation areas.

For the past 44 years, Dr. Yazdi has invested his energies and resources to developing several profitable international projects and innovative new industries, primarily in the aviation area. Through Dr. Yazdi's global vision and business expertise, these projects have been proven efficient and cost effective for governments and the general public. Dr. Yazdi has played key roles as founder, developer, advisor, contractor, and independent consultant in the development and implementation of these projects.

"Ahora-Pirouz" Fatola Khaleghi Yazdi's understanding of the purpose of life was instilled early in childhood by a wise father and loving mother who understood the significance of human life as a constituent of God's Creation, and one's duty toward the Creator was and is to perform responsibly towards others, as well as help realize the infinite possibilities divinely endowed on all humanity. From the age of 15, while still a student, F. Khaleghi Yazdi began to realize his dream of establishing a successful aviation business on par with other successful aviation business ventures in Western Europe. Using his time and energy to maximum benefit, consciously organizing different parts of the brain to independently and simultaneously execute, under time management and logistic techniques, Dr. Yazdi was able to manage a goal oriented schedule combining business and academic study.

While studying for a Ph.D. in Political Science in Zurich, Switzerland in 1964, Dr. Yazdi received his Pilot's license, and an Aircraft and Electrical Engineering degrees from the National Institute of Technology. Dr. Yazdi also studied International Law and Sociology at the International Institute of Social Studies at The Hague, Holland.

From 1965 to the present, he has continuously studied or participated in all aviation-related issues.

Dr. Yazdi reads and understands seventeen languages, speaks eight, and writes in four character languages. Although most of his family lives in Europe, he has lived in the Middle and Far East, including Persia; China; Russia; the US; and, Holland, Belgium, England and Switzerland.

Dr. Yazdi's pursuits include various space and environmental projects. His interests include research, sports, music, and nature. Analysis and prediction of world politics and economy are his favorite spare-time pursuits.
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