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Ahura Pirouz Marz Afaridegar F. Khaleghi Yazdi welcomes you to our Hakha website.

The Movement for Freedom and Democracy

Hakha is an educational, social, cultural, and historical movement.

The Movement For Freedom and Democracy ("The Movement") is an organization dedicated to bring about freedom and democracy to Iran. The conditions of human rights violations, secretive proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, support for global terrorism are all due to the totalitarian, backward, antimodernist and repressive policies of the ruling clergy in Iran. As you know, president Bush addressed in his "axis of evil" that Iran aggressively pursues weapons of mass destruction and exports terror, while an un-elected few repress the Iranian people's hopes from freedom.


News About the Referendum

In response to the question of a referendum in Iran, the organization of Dr. Ahura Yazdi rejects any referendum in Iran while the current Islamic regime holds power over the Iranian people. Any attempt to hold a national referendum in this scenerio will only give legitimacy to the Islamic Republic and will embolden them to commit more human rights violations and other heinous acts that have caused prolonged suffering amongst the Iranian population for the last quarter-century.




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Dr. Yazdi's speeches. at National Press Club- Washington DC

March 01, 2007 Crowd

Iran: A Look at the Past, A Tear for the Present, and Hope for the Future

March 15, 2005
Picture of Pasargad
Save the Precious Archeological Sites of Pasargad in Iran.

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